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I've always had a fondness for Scandinavian design but have been partial to the Danes since that is where I chose to live for a year during school. But the Finn's held a certain fascination from the time my Architectural History Professor in Denmark said we would be walking across the lake to visit Alvar Aalto's Summer home. This was happening in April so you can imagine how perplexing this might have been for a gal who's grown up in California and Florida her whole life. How was it possible that this lake would be frozen enough in late Spring to walk on?!

I think anyone who could live in this frozen tundra and be creative perplexed me. That and their impossible to pronounce names (to my english speaking ear anyways) reminded me of illustrated fictional characters from childrens books. Besides the roster of well known architects and their homes I was privy to tour I discovered a couple of textile/fashion design houses. The iconic Marimekko of course and on my own I dicovered the contemporary Ivana Helsinki. So of course when I came across Vuokko in my most recent Apartamento (seriously get your hands on this issue!)I was instantly smitten.

Her style, her way of thinking and designing, and of course that gorgeous home of hers designed by her husband, Antti Nurmesniemi

That gorgeous green sofa and piles of pillows made from her textiles. Oh and her glasses;) I LOVE her glasses. 

Photography: Kaarle Hurtig

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YHBHS said...

a magical space...

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