Thursday, August 11, 2011

Unit #9 - part two


The Kitchen had everything we needed. Even a french press! We could have cooked a world class meal in there. I also love the mish mash of everything hanging on the wall. 


The dining room with on of Moore's models at the end of the table. These really made me miss my models from school I no longer have because of an unfortunate incident. 


The view from above looking down on the window seats. I could have sat there all day and night and watched the sun and then the stars and never left. The Mister felt the same.  


The bedroom we slept in was walled in glass on both sides I woke up several times to just stare at the moon on the sea and anxiously awaited the sun's return. Even though every morning was foggy it usually burned off by mid-day. 


The loft bedroom above.


And one more shot from above since it's difficult to see but all the "working" parts of the house were encased in volumes, the kitchen, the bathrooms, etc. I was trying capture that here as I'm standing above the kitchen but, I'm not so sure I did that so well. 

I guess this means you'll have to travel there and see it for yourself. It sleeps comfortably 4 adults and would be perfect for a family or group of friends too. Sea Ranch Escapes handles the rentals and it's literally a 2 minute walk from the door.

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