Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sea Ranch: the surrounds


Looking back from the bluff to where we were staying. It was foggy most mornings but cleared up by midday. The fog can sometimes get to me in the summers in San Francisco (which is why you must plan short getaways all summer long) but here it just felt moody and romantic. 


The Sea Ranch Lodge was literally a couple minutes walk from the condo. It was surely part of what made the stay so lovely because as much as I love to cook it's nice to know you can go somewhere special for dinner and so close. 
They currently have plans to remodel. I hope they find a way to keep those fantastic mailboxes and those exit signs! (below)


Our first day we walked the beaches. Something about combing for creatures at the sea's edge just makes me feel like a kid all over again. Not to mention endless inspiration in shapes, colors and forms.





Seriously! Could someone make me a ring or necklace that look just like these barnacles and mussels? I'd also like a dress of seaweed please. 


We finished our walk by climbing out on some rocks for a picnic. We were on one rock and some harbor seals were out on the other. We watched them and they watched us.

All the gorgeous flora.


The Sea Ranch Chapel.


Our last day we had our picnic above the beaches just off the trails. 


We can't wait to return.


Oliver said...

Went to this a few weeks ago. It was amazing. Heavily inspired by nature.

Kelly said...

Aah yes;) You torture me Oliver. I really really hope this show travels so I might have the opportunity to see it.

Jason said...

We are already planning to steal another one of your vacations.

YHBHS said...

i can practically smell the sea air... i think i need to return to this beautiful area.

Kelly said...

I know David! I kinda fell hard.

amourette said...

breathtaking! i need to go there!

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