Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chamberlain Javens Office


Can you imagine this being your office? I can. Office envy to the maximum degree. Between working on designing someone else's office and feeling a great need to redesign my own so that it works more efficiently. I'm in office overload in the best possible way.

This is Ella's office (to be clear the office she works for, Chamberlain Javens) an architect in Melbourne. (Anyone else in the blog world think Melbourne is off the map for creatives, do they all move there? Are they all born there? If Melbourne were an American City what would it be?) The office also had a hand in designing it. Read more about it here.

Photographs by Dianna Snape


YHBHS said...

wow, simply wow.

Ella said...

Thanks for linking back to my page. I really enjoy seeing my material reblogged, especially given it's work from our office. I should say though, this is the office I work for, rather than "my" office. I wouldn't want to take all the credit!

Kelly said...

Yes of course Ella;) I do believe of course in making sure all are credited but I try to do it in a more subtle way. If anyone clicked on the link to your page it would be clear that you all designed it together.

But I do understand wanting to make sure so I made it a little clearer. How lucky you are to work there;)

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