Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Around the House


A.What's on my night-stand/reading table.

B. Rasmus' new home on the Platner chair. Although sometimes I wake up to find him passed out like this which makes me think he's making trips to his old home hanging above the bar.


Vivi said...

I finally got a copy of LULA. You mentioned this mag to me some months ago...I wanted the Pink cover, but the purple cover copy was in better condition. I use to love purple when I was a young, so I am content. I almost cried when I saw the complimentary Troop Beverly Hills poster. This movie symbolized my American Dream when I was 11. I was still getting use to my new life in L.A. back then. Kys kys

Kelly said...

Ha! Yes... it indulges your super feminine side doesn't it. Which everyone needs once in awhile.

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