Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alex Garcia


Hellooooo, I up an disappeared on you again. What can I say, this summer I've certainly joined the circus and my main act is juggling, which I might add I'm not so great at if you couldn't tell. I guess is doesn't help that I've gotten sick a couple of times already which has put a bit of a damper on things too that and I've been finishing up the last minute details for my show which is THIS weekend! Eep!

Good thing there are artists like Alex Garcia to brighten your day or weekend for that matter. I came across his work this past weekend not once but twice. First at the re-opening of Thermidor there were a couple of stately pieces that seamlessly fused with the scale of the space. Then again at Propeller in Hayes Valley as the Mister and I were shopping for his brother's birthday gift we found a few of a more manageable size.

He's a local artist with an architecture background. You wouldn't have guessed would you? The pieces are expertly crafted from wood scraps, some hand stained woods, and what looks like some reclaimed wood as well and at least the ones I came across were hung within thin steels frames. Check out more of his work here or if you are in San Francisco stop by Thermidor for a cocktail and a bite. 

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