Monday, June 20, 2011

Luciano Cavalcanti de Albuquerque: Guest Post Jorge Soares

It's a little late but it is certainly still Monday. Here is another one of Jorge's gorgeous posts. Forgive me I'm still running behind. The photos below are breathtaking don't you think? Thanks Luciano (and Jorge) for sharing your beautiful home.


Luciano lives in a loft above his shop, Ateliê Belmonte, in Lapa. (To get an idea of the Lapa neighborhood take a look on Jorge's blog here. It was one of my favorite neighborhoods when we were visiting, I loved all the crumbling old buildings with trees growing out of them but I think I would love them even more with adoring owners such as Luciano. With just one caveat of course, I get an invite at least once. -Kelly) There was a time, not too long ago, when this would be unthinkable. The old charming buldings were crumbling, the shops were just dirty warehouses of piled up junk and no sophisticated person would dream of facing the deserted dark streets at night. Not now, my dears. Young people from all over the world jump from nightclubs to sidewalk bars all week long and mid-century furniture dealers show their goods inside restored places. The area that used to be a favorite neighborhood for the homes of Viscounts and Barons - yeah, we used to have Emperors, you know - now has some cool gentlemen and ladies walking the cobblestone streets again.


all photos and content by Jorge Soares

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YHBHS said...

simply gorgeous....

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