Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mendes-Hirth: Guest Post Jorge Soares

Did you miss me? I missed you and Jorge. Aw well, you'll just have to realize I will be here as often as I can until I have a regular schedule. I hope you enjoy the delightful Mendes-Hirth visit as much as I did.


Fernando Mendes and Roberto Hirth are both industrial designers and members of families dedicated to design. Laubisch Hirth was a prestigious furniture manufacturer where Joaquim Tenreiro began his career. Do you not know who Tenreiro was?  He pretty much started the new Brazilian modern furniture design and his pieces now go from one collector hands to another´s for quite a nice chunk of money. 
Fernando Mendes is also an architect and a young cousin of living legend Sergio Rodrigues. I think these guys were raised amid sawdust and got a taste for it. 

Their workshop is in the old factory district of Benfica, close to the Flower Market, actually. There they create and manufacture their line, do lovely commission work, repair some beaten up classics and recreate some of Sergio Rodrigues beauties. Fernando was kind enough to let me wander around half finished work and gawk at old woodworking machines, probably family heirlooms. I got my taste of sawdust and I liked it.

*All photos and content by Jorge Soares



Congrats for this post about brasilian designers.


Kelly said...

Ahh thanks, Roberto. I do have a thing for Brazilian designers and lucky for me my dear friend Jorge indulges me.

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