Friday, May 13, 2011

Knife and Saw


Sometimes I wonder how I miss things... this darling  bike shelf has been floating around for a bit but why not share it again. It is kind of a problem, where you put the bike that is... if you don't have some kind of garage to store it in and most of us city dwellers do not. I do think it's beyond lovely but there are a couple of things, one, it doesn't really work with a step through model which is what I'm gunning for (I have a straight model now but would really want to sell it and get the new mixte from public, unless you all have other suggestions. I want steel, step through, several gears, commuter friendly (i.e. fenders and chain guard, you wouldn't believe how many pants Ive ripped) and a lovely color of course.) and I would be forever concerned that I would bash up the wood taking my bike in and out, in and out. Does anyone already have one? Is this a problem?

Aww well, I just look at it and swoon. If you are interested you can order one from Chris here.

p.s. Great name right?! Knife and Saw.
p.p.s As you may know blogger has been out from yesterday around noon to sometime this morning so sorry for the delay in posting
p.p.p.s Sometimes after I read what I just wrote it amazes me that English is my first language. I'm so obviously an image and diagram and drawing based individual. Sorry for all my miscommunications. 

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