Monday, May 2, 2011

The helmet debate


I was desperately in need of a new helmet as mine had quite a few cracks in it. I wasn't in any accidents mind you it was just old and dropped a few too many times. This time I decided I would go for an equestrienne dress helmet as they were so much more stylish then any of the bicycle helmets I had come across except for maybe the Bern helmet. But I didn't want to make a decision and just order it online I wanted to see and feel how it fit. Unfortunately the new and improved equestrienne helmets are quite bulbous and not so flattering and yet I kind of hated the colors and finishes the women's helmets came in over at Bern. So I have a couple of suggestions to throw out there to the ether...

Bicycle helmet companies if you came out with a bike helmet that looked like an equestrienne dress helmet YOU WOULD MAKE A KILLING. It would have to be lower profile and not as bobbily, mind you. Kind of like the Bern helmet now but a little more rounded and with some nice velvet finish and classic detailing.

Also Bern, I realized I could purchase the men's matte gray helmet (which is what I did) instead of having to settle for the awful selections of 'girly' colors and finishes. This is pretty much a shout out to all companies that think we as women want pink and purple with little flowers all over our stuff. NO WE DO NOT.

Just saying... and you're welcome.

p.s. I bought my helmet at Public Bikes, which was VERY tempting as I do wish they were around when I was looking for a bike since they have everything I want in a bike. European style frame, steel frame, BUT with 8 gears so I can bike up and down these hills, Oh and they their pedals don't rip up my heels like my current bike does and they now come in a really lovely green. Pure torture I tell ya. 


by miss kate said...

these are great, and it think the closest to what you are looking for-

Kelly said...

Thanks Kate... yes I did see those too;)

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