Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Erin Riley + Guerrero Gallery


I went to Artpad this weekend one of the three art fairs that happened here in the city. While a great time was had and the idea to have all the cities galleries in one place is genius not to mention convenient, I do wish more of the galleries had done what Guerrero Gallery had done which was show new work by an up and coming artist

It seemed like most of the galleries were showing what they had left over in their back rooms. And while what was in their back rooms are surely pieces I would love hanging on my walls and adorning my space, it just seemed that for a special event such as this why not create a distinct experience, something that makes the visitor not just remember the art but the gallery as well. In all fairness though this was the first year it happened.

Erin Riley's work above was presented by the talented in her own right Aeschleah of Guerrero Gallery. Apparently all the tapestries were inspired by photos pasted on facebook. It makes for an interesting type of anonymous voyeurism. And it's just one more reason I am beyond lucky I didn't grow up in the facebook age. Whew!

p.s. I thought what Grace had to say about the ICFF this year was quite interesting. While I do know that there are waves of good years and bad years and then there are certainly the economy is still crap years.... I do think that the ICFF could do something to support up and coming designers. If Milan can have Satellite why can't the ICFF have something similar?  And while I agree that there should be and I appreciate that there will always be up and comers on the sidelines of these big events (that's half the fun is finding out all the great offsite pop-ups, parties, and galleries) there should also be support by the big venue too. What do you think?

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