Friday, April 15, 2011



My dear friend Robert Münzer alerted me to the fact that there was a darling little shop in my hood. Except, I'm not sure darling is the word... more like badass. I can walk to this little slice of heaven, Supernatural, granted not in heels as it's down an enormous hill and down another one. So arriving in style will take a vehicle with wheels. (For me anyways those of you coming from the flatlands you will  be just fine. I know, I know, high class problems as my father in law would say)

With a highly select few lines and a couple of super stars for owners (Claudia Mahecha-Allen and Robert Allen)  I suggest you get there stat. Here are a few of the lines they carry...

MDF Italia

Not a bad little mix, right. Also on the walls are pieces by Deborah Oropallo, and on the shelves origami like structures by a local cat Jeffery, and that gorgeous moss wall is by Claudia herself.



YHBHS said...

i'd walk downhill in heels for droog:) and for those lamps of rope!

naomemandeflores said...

So nice! I love everything.

Camila F.

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