Friday, April 1, 2011

The sun is shining again


It's currently day four of sunshine in the bay. Thank-goodness, that constant drizzle was messing with me. I was beginning to think I lived a little further North. (How you kids in the Great Pacific Northwest do it I have no idea) These are just some photos from a lovely day in February(when we invited ourselves on to a dear friend's boat. Thanks Rob, you are such a good sport;) contrary to my belief that it has been raining since October, it looks like it was a lovely sunny day that day as well. 


If you look close there is a little sea lion on that green buoy. (that is a buoy right?) And I really loved what looks to be abandoned vessels, except I don't think they are abandoned, I think someone lives on them. Hello Waterworld. Kind of sounds lovely no?

The sea lions saw us out and welcomed us back. They are so darn cute, all rolly polly, freckled, and squint-eyed with whiskers. Happy Weekend all. I hope the sun is shining where you are. xo K

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