Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Shopping: Guest Post Jorge Soares


Saturday morning is the happiest time of the week for me. In two words: flea market. But not only that, the weekly flea market is located in one of my favorite parts of town, and there is much to explore. And to bring home, if I can. The opalines from the fifties did find their way to my house. (kw: I think we can all appreciate a good flea especially since last weekend was the Alameda flea up here)


Last week it was time to get some of my favorite soap and browse for other stuff, so I crossed Arco do Teles, an 18th C. landmark. This was a derelict neighborhood not too long ago, but now is booming


First stop: Ms. Divine. OK, a bit sissy maybe, but I like to think I don´t care for these things. And what a fantastic spiral staircase. I got the pitanga spray to minimize the musty old book smell in my tiny living/dining/library room. It now smells of musty old books on a bed of pitangas. I am happy anyway, pitanga is a rustic fruit hard to find for sale and reminds me of my childhood backyards. (kw: We all dream of a spiral stair case like this no? And speaking of tropical fruits... I can't help but remember my own childhood in Miami.)


Now on to Granado, founded 1870, to get some bath soap. Got me the usual package of tropical fruits soaps. Is that sissy again? Oh well. I must try the Rum Tonic by Malin+Goetz recommended by One Pound Inspirations (you know babe)


Got hungry, dashed to Brasserie Rosario to buy some olive bread. Did you see the walls? Most of the buildings here are from the era when construction was done with stones and mortar made with whale oil.


Before going home, a quick peek at Galeria Paulo Fernandes, always a pleasure.


This area is called "Culture Corridor" for good reasons, besides several art galleries there are four excellent art centers around. All free. Yeah, very good and no charge. Pa├žo Imperial, Centro Cultural Correios,  and Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

(kw: p.s. Yes, I know I was late again (please forgive me, you still have the lovely Rio for your weekend reading) but I will be oh so happy when I have a normal schedule I can depend on. Also I experiemented with the photos Jorge gave me this time layout wise. Do you like?  I haven't really done this type of thing for 7 years but thought it might be fun to switch it up this time around) 

* All photos and content by Jorge Soares

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