Saturday, April 30, 2011

Neighbors: Potrero Hill


Hello everyone, thanks so much for your continued visits. I love that I have a community of readers that comment, say hello, and are involved in this little dialogue of a personal design blog. And thanks so much for continuing to come back even when I take little breaks here and there when work gets a little nutty. I'm still getting used to this freelance life and not necessarily having a set schedule can be a little maddening at times. How do you freelancers do it? Okay... on to Emma and Roger's place.

So here is the rest of that little sneak peek of a visit with my very generous neighbors Emma and Roger and their darling sons Dylan and Archie. (The cutest boy names, right!) As I mentioned before they are up and moving a bit closer to their families on the other side of the pond by splitting the difference and moving to Brooklyn. We just met and as soon as I saw their place which they just remodeled not that long ago I knew I had to jump in there and ask if I could photograph it before it was all in boxes. Typical to most San Francisco homes you would have no idea what was on the other side of the facade which makes it all that more impactful when you walk into this light filled modern space. The design of the space was a collaboration (all design is no?) between Emma and Roger and Bryan Fox at Five-Design. A small husband and wife team that are friends of theirs.

By the way this is a little lesson of learning to say hello to your neighbors since you really have no idea what creative folk live right next door. Something I'm not very good at as I don't want to bother people, you know. I wish we had met a little sooner.


I was smitten with that little reindeer made simply of a tree stump and a couple of nails for Dylan by the guys at Delancy Street Christmas tree lot. But nearly everything was artfully arranged curated, what else would you expect from such a creative couple. Both the boy's seemed excited I was there and wanted to show me around their home, their rooms, their books, and the little plant outside that Archie's holding. It must be ingrained in us to show a guest around, no? It was completely adorable. 


The view people, the view... not much to say about that but it is for sure one of the best things about living on this hill. If you look out the 2nd window from the left you can see the bay bridge.


I was drawn to this artist that Emma informed me was an old art school friend from the UK. Michael Gillette.

Below: A fantastic super wall of art. With a couple pieces by Michael Gillette, one of them being used for a Fillmore poster for St. Eienne (only one of my favorite bands) a piece by Emma, one by Charlie Harper, and various other delightful prints and pieces.


One of my favorite aspects of their place is that it's a tri-level experience. You walk in on street level and step up to the kitchen and living room and step down to the bedrooms. Perfectly layed out it allows for maximum light to enter the space and a chance for a double height space after you pass through the entry hall.


Top photo above: The Dylan showing me the boy's books illustrated by Emma's Mum Ewa Wnek Webb, who studied illustration st martins school of art in london in the 60's, and is now an artist in France (More images of her work in the previous post too)

Three photos just above: The Boy's room.  Archie show's me around. The artwork on the wall... a valentine from one of Dylan's girlfriends, the carved tree on the shelves was picked up on a road trip of the Pacific Northwest by a couple of guy's on the roadside that made embellished tree carvings. Emma convinced them to leave the embellishments off. Good thinking Emma.


And their sweet little yard. It's rare you get a little green space in the city and Emma and Roger have made the most of it. Thanks, you two for sharing your place with us. And if you all are interested Roger runs a boutique production company Heist Projects thats about to open up shop in Brooklyn New York. Go on over and have a look see.


jorge soares said...

so beautiful, a reminder of why I love San Francisco...thanks/Jorge

Jason said...

peter mentioned this place was amazing. he was not lying. just move in and worry about finding the rent later!

YHBHS said...

kelly, who did their sectional???

Kelly said...

Oh yes, Of course I'll ask.

ashley said...

whoa, love the shelving... and VIEW!

Kelly said...

@YHBHS the sectional is Room & Board.

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