Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Monday


This made me giggle, so true dear Archie, so true. It's by Archie Scott Gobber (head over and find many more good-looking letters, words & phrases. Dare I say Ruscha-esque)  I found it over on paper weight, a blog I've been enjoying. Here are a couple others I've enjoyed perusing as of late.

paper weight

ok... back to work for me. xo enjoy your Monday. 


UniqueLapin said...


thanx for that, I needed that to get through a Monday!


- Sheena

amourette said...

thanks for the shout out - i absolutely adore your blog - so that was really nice to read

Kelly said...

@unique lapin sometimes mondays can be glorious and more times mondays are well... mondays blech. Glad I could make yours a little bit brighter.

@amourette, I should thank-you;) thanks for reading.

Lucia said...

Likewise, Kelly, thanks for the shout-out and thanks for reading paper weight! Love your blog in a sea full of, well, you know -- what Archie said.

Anonymous said...

Love it, very funny!

Camila F.

Kelly said...

@Lucia my pleasure;) Thanks for reading.

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