Monday, March 14, 2011

Help Shigeru Ban - Help Japan


I have always been intrigued with Japan from as far back as I can remember and certainly before my design education, although that probably solidified it. Once my shock over their situation began to ebb even in the slightest, (I'm still stunned with heartache) I began thinking of one of my most beloved architects Shigeru Ban. I knew he had to be doing something since he has in the past been a front runner in temporary architecture for just these kinds of frightful events. It's something that he and his office has held in high regard, not just the seductive and glossy commissions.

So if you are looking for an alternative way to give please consider contributing to their office, as it is something that they have worked on for years over many disasters. When you scroll down you will see just where they are starting to help.

The photos I have chosen to show are of his paper structures. Not all are of the temporary shelter variety but all are uplifting  in their materials, portability and spacial provisions.

Above: Japan Pavillion, 2000, Paper Church transplanted from the Kobe to Taiwan
Below: PAPER LOG HOUSES - Kobe, Japan, 1994 / Kaynasli, Turkey, 2000 / Bhuj, India, 2001

Above: PAPER TEMPORARY STUDIO - Paris, France, 2004

Here are the links again. 
Give to the Shigeru Ban office
Shigeru Ban's Paper Structure
Shigeru Ban's Office

*all images from Shigeru Ban's website


Björnik said...

I haven't been practicing architecture for two years now but I'm glad to be keeping track of your blog and see what's new. Thank you for posting this, will tell some of my friends about this.

Wonderful designs by the way.:)

Kelly said...

Well congrats Björnik. Your illustration work must be going really well then. And thanks for passing it along;)

Anonymous said...

someone stole your blog post content!!!
you should report bout it.

Kelly said...

Thanks Anon. I'm looking into it.

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