Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It comes naturally...


to some. A minimalist touch that is. Genevieve of tell you today wrote how she thinks of herself as a minimalist and then looks around and realizes that it couldn't be further from the truth thinks definitely yes but with loads of color and pattern in volume;) When she wrote that I realized I was just as guilty of that kind of thinking. 

Ashley Rose Helvey on the other hand seems to be living it quite naturally. (She denies such but I say a pile of laundry is in everyone's house at some point, we're talking minimalist's not nudists;)  I think intellectually I'm drawn to these spaces but in reality my emotional state takes over much more than I'd like to admit. I also realize that some might look at these photos and say there are far to many patterns here to come off as minimalist but again that is my editing of the space (I can't even edit minimal! haha) via Ashley's photos so head on over to view the space in it's entirety.


jamie said...

so funny. just yesterday i was thinking about doing a post of my condradicting minimal vs not desires.

we visited a friends home that wasn't even minimalist, but much more sparse and open then our own. and oh i wanted to go home and just get rid of everything!

then i remember homes like calder's and the eames' and how i also love the richness in such spaces, and that is what inspired me to where i am now.

{and currently, am struggling with ALREADY having too much in the baby's room. sigh.)

genevieve said...

It's about a balance, isn't it? I think that I we can still have clean spaces that are alive with pattern...maybe that is more it. I'm a minimalist in that I edit edit edit my possessions, but I don't mind some patterns going crazy next to each other. What does that make me?!

Still going to go with minimalist, if only just to piss off the truly minimal...

Kelly said...

Haha love it. I hear you Genevieve. Every time I go on a trip and then come home my home seems so clean and pared down... but on an everyday habitation I think my things are taking over. So Yes to clean lines and modern forms but also yes to pattern, color and texture!

And yes Jaime to Eames and Calder... I think a true designer/creator/maker needs room to play.

ashley said...

lol... also, it doesn't always look so minimal. there is a huge pile of laundry behind that door in our bedroom and piles of shit i just moved to another table to take the picture. but yes, it's hard to keep track. i am constantly getting rid of stuff, but also getting new stuff. it's hard not to be attached

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