Friday, March 4, 2011

Grain & Gram


Grain & Gram is a gentleman's journal that is focusing on craft and the men that hold it dear, through flawless photography and in depth interviews into their process and how they got where they are and of course where are they taking it. The photography is beautifully shot (the color, swoon), the design - clean and modern but friendly, and the interviews- thoughtful and curious. Great job guys. Bonus points for featuring so many talented Florida Gents, we don't hear about many from this part of the country.

But seeing this journal definitely makes me think. Hey Ladies, where is our well shot, well designed, well written journal focusing on women and their craft. Seriously, I fall for the pink chiffon and lace like any of the rest of you (I mean I still love my Lula magazine) but man oh man am I tired of eating frosting, enough with the frills and give me a classic button down shirt. I want to see a serious (aka not ├╝ber-girly) journal for women along the lines of printed tomes such as the gentlewoman featuring smart, talented ladies in various design and craft fields. Any takers?

For now you will just have to fawn all over the photographs below by JonPaul Douglass and head over to Grain & Gram to read the interviews by Aaron Martin and of course admire the design and layout  (so perfect) by Danny Jones. And by the way I found out about these talented Gents via a very talented Lady.



connextr said...

great photos, details

Bianca said...

there really is nothing sexier than a crafty man. those photos are hot.

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