Saturday, March 26, 2011

Caminho Niemeyer/Niemeyer Way: Guest Post Jorge Soares

I do like playing the tour guide, so now we will go across the bay from Rio to Niteroi. After the instant iconic status of the Museu de Arte Contemporanea (MAC), the mayor of Niteroi asked Oscar Niemeyer to create a series of buildings along the coast: Caminho Niemeyer. Not all of them have been built yet, some are still being finished and yes, Kelly, I did have to use my ingratiating skills to get close enough to take pictures. Oh fun. (Oh Jorge, you are so charming and persuasive;)~kw

NW01Teatro Popular de Niteroi

The dome of Memorial Roberto Silveira Museum in front of the theater

NW03 the future headquarters of Fundação Oscar Niemeyer
NW04the star : MAC Niteroi

NW05Charitas Ferry Building, don´t have to tell you who designed it, do I ? And end of the tour folks, thanks for joining me.

*All photos and content by Jorge Soares. 

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This Museum is amazing, Oscar Niemeyer is genious!

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