Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Uniform


I fully realize this is not the fabrication studio I told you was coming but well, it's still coming. Until then we'll have a couple of fun distractions. I also realize that I up and disappeared on you for a week there. Sorry about that but I've been taking care of some "me things" and I really needed to keep my mind focused on only those things. It was actually really really difficult and I'm not done so posting may still be spotty but I just couldn't stay away any longer. I missed you all;)

Last week I volunteered to help a friend do a little shopping and fill in some spots in her closet. It was really delightful and incredibly difficult to hand over my finds and not keep them for myself. It was also a strange position to be in (after all I'm no stylist) as I found myself analyzing my steady go to shops and my closet which as you all know doesn't exactly look like the images above. But actually it does it's just not all I wear. I like a more colorful and sunny wardrobe for going out and non-work related activities (mostly because it's nearly impossible for me to shop for basics) but for work I try to stick to a uniform very similar to above but with a touch more color. 

A uniform is helpful since it allows you to pair things quite easily on an everyday basis while saying a little about you. Me. I'm shooting for professional, doesn't take herself so serious, elegant, knows what she's doing, but casual and of course being able to traverse construction sites. So skirts and heels are strictly for office days, if at all.  My bag also needs to hold a measuring tape, camera, sketch pad, and perhaps a laser for measuring as well.  How about you? Do you have a uniform? What do you want it to say about you?

By the way the above images are from the darling Dead Fleurette who is all of 19 I believe. That is the most grown-up 19 year old's closet I've ever seen! I mean I was probably traipsing around in zebra pants, platform fornarinas and pink wigs. Good god what a mess I was. Heee and I used to wear my eye make-up like this ALL THE TIME.


Celia said...

well, these days as you know it's leggings, stretchy shirt, and flipflops... and do i look HOT.*

it used to be vintage dress with flats and "celia" necklace, plus tights and cardigan if it's cold. or skinny jeans, blouse, flats, "celia" necklace. i like to keep it simple. i miss it.

*i promise i'll look more presentable at my shower. ;)

Michelle said...

I'm kind of obsessed with developing the perfect uniform, but somehow always get sidetracked. I think it'll be something like yours: white top, black bottoms, good accessories.

amourette said...

great taste. love it!

judyhu said...

This inspires me. Recently trying to update my wardrobe - a friend recently while describing me pointed out that I don't wear "outfits", I wear "costumes". Not necessarily a bad thing but its time for a change :)

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