Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A per chance meeting


A funny night not too long ago the Mister and I ran into the super power couple of the art world in San Francisco at one of our favorite restaurants SerpentineJustin Giarla and Kirsten Skipper. They eyed us and we eyed them and took up a conversation on the base that we all looked familiar. We had been to many an opening at White Walls and Shooting Gallery but had never really met. 

Dining with them that evening was Kevin Cyr who will be showing at Justin's gorgeous new gallery 941geary in the coming weeks and he invited us back to his studio to check out his work. Really how could I say no. Seriously! All three of these individuals are not only beastly talented but incredibly open and really nice. Let me repeat that N I C E. Which really suits me just fine because I have a no assholes policy. 

The top photos are a preview of the upcoming show (yes he built that camper from the ground up, it had me hearkening back to my school days building magnificent models) and the bottom image from Kevin's site. I think he has a thing for temporary and mobile structures and I'm waving the fan flag.  I can't wait to see the show. Stay tuned, hopefully I'll have a date for you soon. xo

Kevin's show at 941 Geary will open on April 30th. 

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