Sunday, February 13, 2011

I want to be everything!


Families are funny aren't they. They are hard to deal with and most likely you think yours is bat-shit Crazy. No? Of course you love them, but that doesn't make them any less nutty. (unless you have one of those perfect families we all envy, damn you.) The older I get the more I think, we all think that about our families. For example that cutie you see above, she's my lil' sis. Yep, that's right, I have a little sister and she's almost 30 years my junior. And you know what, I adore her! I think the story went something like this...

Dad: Well Lucy (Dad's then girlfriend, now wife) wants to have kids.
Me: Ummm, so what are you going to do?
Dad: Well, I guess I'm just gonna have to give'em to her.
Me: Hey Dad... umm kids aren't gifts.

So you can see he listened to me right. Ha! Okay, that is not really his forté listening that is... but I have to say I'm glad he didn't because we all adore our lil' sis Elle. And now we get to hear about her conversations with her Mum, they sound something like this... Ellie had a worried look on her face today....

Mum: What's wrong, baby?
Elle: Mumma, I just can't decide what to be when I grow up 'cause i want to be everything"

Oh, Dear Ellie, I hear you cutie! I still want to be everything;)


Vivi said...

OMG...I love it. I want to everything...that's my problem too. She is so cute. It is freezing in Montréal..miss you. How did I ever survive those Danish winters...I don't know.

Kelly said...

Hee yes me too Viv as you know. Miss you too. I don't have any idea how we survived winter in Denmark... it rained the other day after days of sunshine and I almost broke down in tears. What a wimp I am. Ha!

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