Friday, February 25, 2011

Brazilian Beasts

Today you'll have a special treat. I inquired if my dear friend Jorge would be interested in a guest post now and again, mostly because every time I visit Album Carioca I want to steal all his posts away and I cannot keep poaching. Jorge is a multi-talented cat with nine lives for sure, as he's been a well known stage actor in Brazil, a designer and artist, and now an art director for films in Rio de Janerio. I can think of no one else who would be a better guide to Rio de Janeiro, actually if I could I would bring him with me anywhere and everywhere on my travels I would as he has a knack for keeping me on the edge and off the beaten path and he can charm his way into almost anywhere. Seriously! You should see that skill first hand, it got us into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasilia (aka what would be the U.S. equivalent of Hilary Clinton's manse) so I could see the artwork and famed staircase. We were promptly kicked out after looking a little too much. Anyhoo, I'll let Jorge take you around the neighborhoods by beasties...

Have you ever seen the Simpsons episode when they come to Rio and are chased by a bunch of wild monkeys? Or any Hollywood movie filmed in this neck of the woods featuring famished piranas or huge snakes? Hi. I´m Jorge, Halcyon Days international correspondent based in Rio de Janeiro and I tell you : IT IS ALL TRUE! There are monster beasts all over town.
 Downtown near Cinelandia

Lapa and Ipanema

Santa Teresa, Whats that?! In Flamengo, Urca


Catete and Flamengo again

SAARA and Botafogo

Well, mostly lions, but then they get all that fabulous p.r. stuff about being the king of animals and so on. Be back soon, if Kelly lets me, of course. 

What a silly thing to say Jorge of course you can stay, as long as you like. xo

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Vivi said...

I love it...great post. I have to get more creative with my posts, I am easily bored. Kys Kys

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