Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blank and Cables


I had the opportunity to meet with Walter of Blank and Cables a few weeks back and tour their new facilities. Well fairly new anyway. They have been in their new digs for about one year but they have also scooped up the warehouses on either side of them. Their idea is to create space that will create community which is something I can really get behind. We could all use a bit more community here in the bay area. 

Blanks and Cables' work leans toward the custom and one-off market. Their studio is able to handle just about anything you throw their way, with a full metal shop and wood shop. This is key since working as an architectural designer in a city with a bit of history, off the shelf is not always an option. Sometimes the contractor or owner knows of someone but finding good quality people that take pride in their work is a constant search. While I haven't personally worked with them, I'm pretty sure you can add one more to the list since it has been quite a long time since I spoke with someone with as much passion as Walter.

Below and above are a few photos of their studio and workshop.


Just me geeking on the steel tables and type.


They will build full scale mock-ups to ensure the piece they are responsible for fits securely in it's place when it arrives on site.


Inspiration and library.


Another library shot (peering at someone's library tells so much don't you think), and the materials table, filled with materials, finishes and life size mock-ups.


Prototypes and finished products are littered around the studio. 

Blank and Cables 

3100 E. 10th Street
Oakland, Ca. 94601


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