Friday, January 14, 2011

Some things...

So it's Girl Scout cookie time kids. And my niece is selling em. But she lives in Georgia and I live in San Francisco. So you would think no problem I buy things online all the time right? Wrong! The Girl Scouts don't have anything in place for the girls to hock their cookies via the www. What?! What is wrong with the Girl Scouts? This really bums me out because while it was fine for me to go door to door back in the day, that is not how the world works today. So Girl Scouts, I request that you get something together by next year so that the girls can sell online and have those boxes attributed to them. (that last part of the sentence is key)

I do have one more comment. I'm not a fan of your new logo. Why in the world would you think of updating an iconic Saul Bass logo?!  While it surely isn't as bad as the Gap debacle it's really disconcerting. And while I do appreciate what The Original Champions of Design did in other areas of the rebrand namely the type treatment and some of the pattern work, I really think they should have left the logo alone. I mean really? new nose, new lips, and bangs?! Is that what the Girl Scouts are about? 

Thoughts? Do you agree? Do you think I'm way off base here? Are there times that we as designers should say no to the client?


Vivi said...

This is very strange...I am with you. I don't understand the changes.
Side Note: I haven't been to a Starbucks for a while now, but they also recently changed their logo...and the change was very minimal as well.

Celia said...

now it just looks like she has hair in her face. lame.

pulley-whipped said...

Get with the times, Girl Scouts!

Kelly said...


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