Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scout Regalia


I stumbled upon Scout Regalia and instantly thought um... why haven't I heard of them before? If you haven't noticed I'm not exactly your architect's architect. You have been reading this blog haven't you? Scout Regalia is everything I've been looking for in an architecture studio, multidisciplinary, open-minded, fun name that isn't the principle's name. Okay, so that last one isn't all that important but sometimes it would be nice to see a few more architecture firms that don't sound like lawyer's offices, am I wrong? It is exactly the kind of firm that Los Angeles germinates and supports. (So what's up San Francisco? Yea, I'm talking to you.)

Their project above Dingbats 2.0 is just a competition (one they happened to win an honorable mention for) but what I wouldn't give to see it realized. Wouldn't you want to live there? You can read more about the details of the project over on their site

thanks ink + wit for the heads up

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Michelle Linden said...

I am totally with you.... I always gravitate toward firm names that aren't named for their principals. I feel like it can tell you something about the firm, whereas a last name firm only tells you who is collecting the money.

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