Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sam Maloof's place


I have an embarassing confession. I hadn't been to Sam Maloof's house/workshop until this holiday break. Umm, yep, it was like 15 to 20 minutes from my school and I could have gone when Sam was actually still walking around this earth but somehow I missed out on that opportunity. So when he passed away last year I thought...
This is ridiculous and quickly put it on my must do list. 

So here you are part one of two. All photos are taken from the exterior as there was a 'no photography' policy indoors. YES, that was extremely painful since the interior was, let's face it, where it's at. This was an artist and a woodworkers' home after all. Although I think I got some pretty lovely shots from the perimeter. Hope you enjoy them.


Forms and jigs hanging in the workshop window. It is on the same site as the home.


Every single door had completely different details. Some had four Different hinges on ONE door. 


The doors to the workshop were the same accent blue that reoccurred on the rooftops and doorways throughout the complex. It's such a great color and it really popped.

I fell for these gorgeous draperies hanging in a room that wasn't shown to us. 


Garden details and the original guesthouse which is now the visitor center. Part two tomorrow. xo

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