Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sam Maloof: part two


Some of the many doors photographed from the exterior. They have different closures from the inside.


There were many works by Stan Bitters on the property and actually seeing his work on South Willard is what alerted me to the fact that a Stan Bitters piece resided in my living room. It also gave me that extra push to get to Sam and Alfreda Maloofs home on the very next visit to Los Angeles. If you live in the area go! It really is worth the drive as it is quite far east. It's open for tours Thursday and Saturdays only and you should really make a reservation so call ahead. 

And by the way cuties I have finally folded and I'm going to try out this thing called twitter. Have you heard of it? Just kidding, of course. I've held out so long... but thought well let's just check it out. So far, I'm kind of enjoying it. Dare I say it's actually kind of fun. You can find me here, come follow me;)


Cherisse @ [Framing Spaces] said...

I love every details in these photos. Such a great characters! I feel like I am seing a story every steps I go. Great photos!

Kelly said...

Thanks Cherisse! It was a great visit.

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