Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Faking it


Unfortunately my Grams has decided to populate her place with fake foliage. Man, I really dislike faking it. There are so many low maintenance options out there I just don't understand the need to bond with plastic shrubbery.

In fact if you really do need a bit of green and have a penchant for killing anything that sprouts may I suggest taking it so far in the other direction there is no doubt that you are faking it for all to see. 

The elegant plant like sculptures above are by Ferry Staverman. I can't really tell you much else since I don't read Dutch but you see more over here

1 comment:

Celia said...

Yes. Fake greenery is, well, odd. I think it's a generational thing... Even my mom has this strange love affair with silk arrangements. These, however, are amazing.

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