Monday, January 3, 2011

Childhood Drawings


I couldn't help but share a couple more family finds from the holiday break. My Belle Mére broke out some of the Mister's childhood drawings. I found them infinitely charming They all started out innocently enough, nature scenes in the desert. Foxes, unicorns, pythons, and road runners amongst sand dunes and cacti.


Then they get a little more violent... hmm wasn't this a video game? I remember playing this on our classic mac. 


From here we are going decidedly downhill with loose women and booze. I found the last two infinitely Hilarious! Drawn in such earnest. You should know these are drawings of a current day Creative Director/Director of Design. So Good!


Celia said...

oh god, i cannot stop laughing!

Kelly said...

I wanted to forward them to you so bad but figured it would be better if you found them;)

Jason said...


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