Monday, January 10, 2011

Architect, Painter, Physicist


Well since I just shared with you Jorge's place I thought I would share a place that Jorge shared with me and well you too if you cared to look, just kidding of course. Darling Jorge has just started his own blog and I for one couldn't be more excited that my tour of Rio de Janeiro will continue from afar. 

The home you see is that of Roberto (an architect and painter) and Rosinha (a physicist, probably the coolest job, besides perhaps a psychologist/neuroscientist). Their treasures and curating skills make for a warm and modern home, don't you want to just curl up with a book in that living room. And I really just love a red door.


The mix of antique and modern pieces assures you that the place isn't too precious, something that can be forgotten when reading up on all those design tomes. 


I'm assuming this is Roberto's studio space. How perfect to have your studio so close to you. A place you can leave everything out so you can return to it just as it was. This is so important in the creative process don't you think. I really need to work on this myself... our next place needs to have a studio space not just an office.


...a few more details shots. The iconic Eames lounge and hallway full of paintings beautifully framed. If you would like to see more head on over to Jorge's blog Album Carioca. Oh and one more hint, click on his photos to view them full size. xox K


ashley said...

what a beautiful place--- i love that tiled wall!

Kelly said...

Hello Ashley;) Miss you.

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