Friday, December 3, 2010

A rose by any other name...


is still a rose. Well not this one. This rose was cultivated especially for Sir Paul Smith by his wife as a birthday present and in turn he created this fragrance for his wife from that rose. Really.

I know I don't normally do posts on such things but since this was a birthday gift and I've become more and more interested in how a fragrance is created I thought I would share this one. I would also like to say I don't normally fall for such outwardly floral scents especially rose but this one really grew on me and the story of how it was created is so lovely and romantic. YES, I'm a complete and utter romantic sometimes to a hideous fault, also the reason why I held on to my first relationship far beyond its expiration date. Something about true love blah blah blah. I'm pretty sure I should sue Disney for that one. 

Anyhoo, with the advent of the internet you can learn from avid fans of the art what goes into a certain fragrance, I personally like Now Smell This (although they could use a little re-design... sorry it's on my blood) They confirm my suspicions such as all these new trendy perfumes kind of smell the same and give me a little appreciation for Chanel no. 5 which I've always thought as smelling like 'old lady'. They have also sparked a new interest in Diorissimo, now if I can just find a counter that has one for me to smell. I'm no perfume snob but it is so nice to experience each perfume from a standpoint of knowledge instead of how we usually experience them from behind a cloud that those awful perfume ladies spray at you while you walk by in a department store. It's a bit like wine learn a little, experience a little. 

Oh I did get another delightful and somewhat naughty gift I can't share here. But let's just say it came from here. We also had a lovely birthday dinner at my favorite celebration spot Bix. (By the way ignore those hideous photos on their website, it looks nothing like that... weird?!) 

Happy Friday everyone. xo


Kate said...

I just ordered a sample kit from MCMC: because I'm trying to find a fragrance that not every single girl I know wears! I also love the stories behind each scent. I love Burberry Brit, but I know four other friends who wear it. I like the idea of wearing something unique and more special.

Kelly said...

hmmm, I often thought of ordering sample kits. I just might.
Also have you been inside Barney's and seen their Frederic Malle scent chambers? It's kind of amazingness.

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