Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pieces of Denver


A couple of photos from our time in Denver for Thanksgiving. We had a visit with the Mister's Mister while we were there. Isn't he handsome. A trip to Colorado Springs, Evergreen, and the Brown Palace as well. He has quite a collection of guns... something I never grew up with but interesting nonetheless, each one looked like a piece of art. Well, that's not entirely true I knew my father had a gun but it wasn't something we talked about nor were we supposed to know where it was but we did.

And is it me or are the Deer a bit burlier in Colorado then California?

And since it is my birthday week I indulged myself in a little wishlistery on pinterest. It felt very selfish and consumerist but I think that was what made it so much fun. And if I really think about it... those items while they may bring me joy for a wee bit I can think of others that will bring me real happiness.

-Seeing my family in Florida soon
-Having a Mister that always loves and supports me 
-Having such dear and loving friends
-Having my first gallery showing in the new year (crossing my fingers)
-Excelling at my craft and receiving recognition for it.
-Photography lessons to improve my skills
-Getting new business cards (soon I hope)
-Drawing, Painting, Designing

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