Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Green


The Mister and I went to pick up our Christmas tree this past weekend and while we were doing that we picked up another tree. (Imagine us trying to fit both of those in our little car and that should give you a giggle.) One I've been eyeing from afar. It is a Black Aralia. Here are some fun facts about this beauty.

-It's a slow grower. Which is great for us since our ceiling heights aren't that high.
-It was apparently all the rage in the 30's (So apropos, since it is my favorite decade) and then fell of the map of chosen indoor plants. (So says Clarke from Flora Grubb, by the way Clarke has been at Flora for as long as I can remember and is oh so knowledgeable and super helpful)
-It's hard to kill but if you water it too much or too little or if it gets too cold all it's leaves fall off. Let's hope I can keep it from doing that as that would be an awfully depressed looking tree.  
-It's leaves are all crinkly.
-It looks like its own miniature forest in my living room. Okay, so that's not a fact but it's true!

So what do you think? I think it's an elegant and lovely addition to our family... but I am really curious what You think.


Kate said...

I hiiiighly recommend using flickr for your photos and then embed the flickr link on your blog. When I used blogger I wanted to throw the image uploader out the effing window!

And, such a rad plant. I have a black thumb but kind of want to make it my mission to rid myself of that trait next year!

Kelly said...

Unfortunately that IS what I'm doing... believe me I never wanted to deal with the regular blogger uploader it made absolutely no sense. But blogger is doing something over the past few weeks that is degrading the image quality... don't know what it is. Perhaps it is time to move on.

But on the flip side yes! I think it is of course easier to grow things where there is a more temperate climate. Perhaps being in NYC is the problem not you. I'm sure you'll do great in Los Angeles. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Alexis said...

That plant looks great! Do you mind if I ask where you found its container? I have such trouble finding large, affordable options!

Kelly said...

Alexis... thanks.
As for the container it's a cheap thing I bought at Ikea years ago. I haven't seen anything like it recently but do you have an industrial area to the city you live in? I find you can sometimes find very cheap affordable options in these areas... they probably sell them to larger big box stores but then will sell them at their small location too. But I do hear you about affordable options. It's not easy to find.

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