Tuesday, December 21, 2010



My favorite Holiday card this year by a mile. I was so excited to get this card. It made me all kinds of instantly warm and fuzzy and not because the illustration is by one of my favorite illustrators but also because what it said on the inside. Hope you don't mind Viv and thank-you so much. xox

"I found this card today (12/19/2010) and I immediately thought of you. It is not a Christmas"y" but it sort of looks Holidayish.
then... I read your blog when I got home and saw the artist's name in your entry for today... we were cosmically connected today! I love it..."

It made me think that one of the biggest things about giving is that the person who is doing the giving GETS YOU. You know that is what it's all about isn't it. We all want to be understood and a gift that shows that the other person really knows and understands you is really just the best feeling. It doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive it just has to nod a little bit of recognition to your person.

Obviously this is easier said then done, right? But it also explains why we can get so upset when someone gets us something that isn't a match to our personalities at all. It feels like an affront and of course you instantly feel awful and selfish for getting upset over something materialistic but what you are really upset about is that this person just showed you how much they don't know or understand you and that kind of stings. Of course I'm oversimplifying for the sake of stating a point.

I also think you have to exclude family (especially parents) from this kind of deduction because sometimes no matter how hard they try they still might not get it. Hmmmm, why is that? They should know you better then anyone no?

Perhaps this is a lot of rambling on about nothing but I think with this in mind it helps me to make it through the Holidays with a little less sensitivity (emotions tend to run high this time of year) because that is A LOT of pressure to put on your dear friends and family.  Besides I'm getting quite used to the phrase. "You are sooooo hard to shop for." Afterall, I've been hearing that since I was a young lass.

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About me, Vivi said...

I am so glad it got to you. I haven't had time to blog this month. Very busy with the house. I am really touched that you liked the card. I too love it when things, such as gifts, just click. I had been looking for a card to send you for days and I knew I couldn't send you just ANY card...so I was very excited when this card cosmically found me. Kys kys.

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