Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun Fact: If I joined the Circus


I'd be a contortionist because I can almost do what that crazy striped man is doing, I just can't do that trick where he is putting his head nearly up his arse (although I have no idea what I look like upside down) but the bending over backwards and grabbing a little above my ankles yep I can do that. With some assistance from my dear yoga instructor Magnolia of course. I've always been a wee bit abnormally flexible.

Just sharing some birthday booty. Fun stuff that Circus book, it's page after page of delightful layout after delightful layout. I'd get my hands on one if I were you. Hairy Beasts, Giants, Siamese Twins Oh my. And how about that gal spinning around or balancing on her tatty, good lord I wouldn't want to be Maggie Udder. Yikes!

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