Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Closets - city living


I thought you might enjoy this since it makes me giggle every time I stop for a moment and realize what it looks like. Closets are such a personal reflection aren't they.

From this view you can obviously see that I can't purchase a basic item if my life depended on it and because of that my side of the closet is filled with different colors shapes and patterns making it impossible to make anything look neat even though  my side of it is just as organized as the Misters by color and item.

The Misters' side on the other hand is a color coordinated uniform. He likes his clothes pared down to their most simple forms and with as little detail as possible. Button down shirts are tailored and slim fitting, and all jeans are with plain pockets and clean cuts.

And both of us have tried to make the most of our tiny closets the best we know how with all types of additional organizational items, shelves, bins, and drawers. Oh to one day design my dream closet. sigh...

Anything I'm leaving out? Can you tell other things about us from peering into our closets? What about you? How do you manage if your closet space is tight? Do you struggle like we do for a bit of extra space somewhere, anywhere. I swear I would create secret closets in every wall cavity if I could and I would rather have a closet instead of a bathtub. It is definitely a tug a war I am losing after the Mister began using wooden hangers.

Funny enough I have seen quite a few strangers closets. It was one of those unexpected parts of the job and something I'm always a bit wary of as it is quite personal to enter another persons home and measure every detail. But I do find it interesting nonetheless it gives me a little clue about how the client lives. From there we can discuss what is sufficient and how they want to live or if there are just fine with the conditions. It is a good feeling if you can improve on someones daily existence by simply creating a more efficient and useful household. Hopefully one of these days I can do that for myself.


Celia said...

what is it with boys sticking to their "one thing"? sometimes when i look at joe's closet, i wonder, how many blue button downs does one person need??

p.s. unfortunately, i have no space saver tips for you. it is the bane of my existence.

theue said...

my two are nightmares. cluttered , unorganized mess...

do i dare ask what that says about me?

Kelly said...

Ha, well I guess I shouldn't feel so bad then. Huh. Although I could work on my editing.

And Celia... you would not believe how many black button down shirts Peter has and Every time he picks up another one while we are out some where I just roll my eyes.

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