Monday, December 6, 2010

Cafe Zoetrope and Santa


Whenever the Mister and I do a little shopping in North Beach we always try to stop by Cafe Zoetrope. While most locals would turn their nose up (I don't know why, too touristy?, owned by Coppola?) at this little gem of an eatery we couldn't be more charmed by it. And on top of a completely darling space that seems to transport you to another city entirely the food is always so fresh and delicious. No Really! Nearly everything we have ever had there has been so tasty. It always feels like our little secret. Although now I've let the cat out haven't I. If you have a chance to sit outside on a nice day the people watching is quite amusing too being right across from House on Nanking (I love that sign

Zoetrope was actually second on the list as we stopped by Eden and Eden to pick up an early gift from Santa (read: Mister) to me. So exciting! We met the darling local designer Lan Jaenicke and chatted up Rachel. If you are local I really urge you to stop by Eden and Eden to see Lan's new designs they are Gorgeous! After lunch we made a dash for the car in the pouring rain both soaked to the core (there was no end in sight) we drove home to the opposite side of the city.  Hope you all enjoyed the moody, wintry, rainy weekend. 

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