Monday, December 20, 2010

Australia and disbanding myths...


So I have been a little bit obsessed with "Man Shops Globe" as of late (Umm, another one of those... why don't I have that job?!) and especially his Australia adventure. Mostly because I've never been that interested in Australia. It wasn't quite foreign enough for me. I know that is a silly comment but sometimes you form these assumptions about a certain place and not much can shake it. For example in high-school I wanted to learn French instead of Spanish because I wanted to travel to France not Mexico. Oh dear, how I wish I could have changed that silly decision based on even more ridiculous assumptions.

So, after watching the Australia edition I kind of fell for Sibella Court  (isn't she really darling?) and was then reintroduced to Anna-Wili Highfield. I'm sure you remember her work as it was passed around the interwebs not too long ago. I can't help but be smitten once again by her lovely birds. Oh please, oh please what do I have to do to have one flying through my homestead. Especially that darling parrot as he reminds me of the funny green parrots that would fly over Pasadena every year. But that owl would be pretty amazing flying down my hallway.

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amourette said...

thanks for posting this! somehow i have never seen that show - seems i've been missing out.

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