Monday, November 8, 2010

The wooing years


The other night the Mister and I went out with a couple of friends from his high school years. The years of sensitive boys, copious amounts of black, and Robert Smith hair. One friend I've known for quite some time and has become a dear dear friend and one I was meeting for the first time. He asked that question... you know the one. How did you two meet?

In our case this is a very long story and although it started as a simple friendship that built over many years and long lapses of time I always pause before telling it because I can't help but think... Do they really want to hear this? So I do my best to give a full but shortened version. The Mister does get a bit miffed sometimes when I do this because he thinks I leave out all the important details. So when this old friend asked I relented and let the Mister tell it. Only he got a little zealous (perhaps it was the wine talking) and went a little too far which at that point I had to say HEY, that's enough with the detail. But in all honesty, it is completely endearing how much he likes to tell that story of how we met and I wouldn't want it any other way.

With the story fresh in my mind this painting was so surprising as it seemed like a page from that (our) book. Have a look at more of Joshua's work his use of color, light and geometry are really stunning. 

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