Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tree Scouting


The other day I went tree scouting at the lovely Flora Grubb since there is now a big hole where our fiddle leaf fig tree used to be. I was thinking something a little more delicate this time around as well as a bit more vertical in nature. I'm sure I'll change my mind once again once I've had it there for a bit, which had me wondering is there some sort of tree/plant exchange program. As long as you kept good care of it couldn't you bring it back and trade it in for something new? Trees are expensive!

In the end I'm leaning towards the trees on either end. The one on the left is smack in the middle in the red pot. Apparently they are different versions of the same tree, one with crinkly leaves and one with flat. Which route would you go? And that middle shot I couldn't resist, they are pots made from rolled up Chronicles

By the way did I mention that 7x7 finally published online the article about our place? Go here to read. 

1 comment:

silvia said...

omg, i've been obsessed with trees lately. the slender + tall variety... and the one on the right looks lovely! i have seen it before and yes, trees are expensive... :)

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