Friday, November 19, 2010

A Real Classic


While downtown, I thought I'd try and see another classic treasure, that embarrassingly enough I've never seen. The Bradbury Building. You've seen it haven't you. No? Sure you have. (Just scroll down for appearance in popular media.) You've at least seen Blade Runner no? If not you better put it in your Netflix queue or we absolutely cannot be friends.

When we arrived it was "closed for filming" Geez, hasn't it been in enough films? So I couldn't get all the shots I wanted as their "lighting" was in the way. But I got quite a few, and enough of them to share here. What's that you say? Of course I was trespassing. I came all the way to see it and I wasn't going to let a film crew keep me out. We made it all the way to the top floor and even got to ride in the glorious elevators where we heard over our Elevator attendants walky talky...
"kushhhhhit (best walky talky noise? how would you spell it?) they are going down in the elevator kushhhhut" Ha!

And when we exited the building the sun was shining on that splendid mural (last photo) right across the street. Awesome.

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Kate said...

Beautiful building. The elevator looks amazing!

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