Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Horsetail for sale


I don't normally do this but hey why not? I'm saying goodbye to my horsetail and grasses. I think I originally payed somewhere around $120 per potted arrangement but I'm letting them go for the bargain price of $30 a piece or $50 for both. The pots are a pale turquoise green blue which you can't really see from these images. If you live in the Bay Area, get in touch. Also you must pick them up and cash only please. xo 

Sold! Well that was fast.

1 comment:

Leilani said...

Damn. I would've wanted these. I guess it's for the best since if I came to pick them up, you and Peter would've had to help me bring them out to my car, parked half a block away ;)

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