Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keepin your noggin safe but stylish


Hello, I've been mad busy playing catch-up today. Whew, who knew being gone just a few days could put you behind like this. While I was away in Los Angeles, la la, City of Angels, I was intent on visiting a few places in addition to my professional reasons for being there.  The Neutra VDL house to take a few snaps to share with you all and perhaps begin a new sketch project. They have been in need of some help and since my alma mater owns the beloved Neutra residence I thought I could put a bit of a spotlight on it. That visit didn't work out so well as they were closed this weekend unexpectedly. I guess it will have to be my next visit. 

The Bradbury building as it is a bit embarrassing that I have yet to visit it. And upon arrival they were closed for filming. (strike two) But this time I decided to ignore the rules and trespass regardless until they threw me out. It ended up being not such a bad visit except all their lighting tools were in the way of my photo taking, but hey I didn't get kicked out. 

And Bottega Louie, a new spot downtown that with a few years of wear will certainly look like a classic. This was a score but it was filled to the gills and a bit difficult to capture, but I'll share what I can later this week.

And then a little shopping of course, or in my case, window shopping. I wanted to check out the new places on Abbot Kinney and a few in Silverlake including Mohawk General Store. I never did make it to the West Side in time but I did make it to Mohawk and I'll share that with you later this week. Above is a post from their blog, that I was perusing a bit while trying to look up their location. And I couldn't agree more with the plea of this article as the helmet is my most loathed (but needed) bicycle accessory. After all, I (most) don't live in fairytale land, where they have Very Separate and safe bike lanes. By the way I might also mention that except for Venice that I didn't see much bicycle riding in Los Angeles... and while it is vast I could definitely see it being a mode of transport in the neighborhood, especially the flatlands of Hollywood. So What up LA? And don't give me some silly excuse like you have hills down there.


Bianca said...

this is gorgeous.

DeedleDee said...

did you make that helmet cover? Or where could I find one like it? its fantastic!

DeedleDee said...

where can I find a helmet like yours? or did you make it? thanks!

Kelly said...

Oh no, I found it at Mohawk General Store in Los Angeles. It was awhile ago though so I would contact them and ask them what they know about it. I don't think they had the helmet but they did represent the artist that made it.

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