Friday, November 12, 2010

Hair of my dreams


Forgive me while I get a bit girly on you. Girl Hair of my dreams. Ever since I was in young tot I wished for such locks (in my dreams of course) Unfortunately I was born with the straightest flattest mousy brown hair. (As I was told)

I don't think of it so much as mousy anymore, its dark brown with quite a bit of red and lovely natural highlights (I've even had top salons ask me who does my color, when I haven't touched it in years)  but I surely don't have those wonderful curls. I tried to attain them in middle school with the most horrid and saddest of perms that never lived up to its promises. 

Ah well, that is why it is time to chop chop chop. Check out the darling Luz Pavon here. Happy Friday everyone. 

Also I'm LA bound last minute so if there is anything happening this weekend that I shouldn't miss let me know.


Michelle Linden said...

You and me both!!! I have always felt that I was meant to have a mop of dark curly hair... not this stick straight brown stuff I'm stuck with.

Love the images!

Celia said...

kelly! this is MY HAIR. trust me, you would not be such a fan if you had it too. in fact, you would look and girls like you and think, "if only...".

K said...

I'm sorry Celia... but the grass will always be greener;)

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