Thursday, November 18, 2010

Classics and Future Classics


I can rarely take a visit anywhere without sniffing out a few gems. This is partly the reason that me and vacations to tropical islands don't mix. Hello beach, and tomorrow, hello beach, day three, "Is there anything besides the freaking sand to look at?" I first learned of Bottega Louie from Porter and Hollister's visit to Los Angeles.  (A darling Italian gentleman that I met on Friday night also pointed me this way so I knew I had to check it out) That's right, this California girl learned from a couple New Yorkers about a new place in downtown LA. I was a bit miffed about being outsniffed, not to mention that by viewing their photos I thought it was some classic I had never heard of which had me a bit twisted. A sigh of (a little bit) relief came when I realized it was brand spanking new, not an old classic at all. But if they play their cards right I can see this place being around for a long long time thus a future classic, if you will.


cannoli, technicolor cupcakes, and the most delightful packaging.


I think the banquettes were my favorite detail. Classic black tufted leather on elegant brass legs.


White marble everywhere, and the delightful pizza kitchen ever so simply covered from floor to ceiling in glossy tile. 


We of course couldn't resist a little "to go" deliciousness for breakfast the next morning modeled by my dear friend Velia. xo

By the way quite a few of my photos turned out pretty awful mostly because of my nervousness. There were mobs of people there and when you have a camera all eyes seem to gravitate towards you. Do any of you camera pros have any words of advice for a gal who doesn't like the attention. How do you keep calm and shut out the eyes?

Also, fair warning here, when we were there it was pretty touristy so if that is not your thing (as it's not mine, but I do make exceptions for wonderful spaces) may I suggest you try to go during the week or with a big enough group that you don't notice the crowd.


Kate said...

I have the worst problem with being nervous about taking photos around people. It makes me feel like such a tourist, and I worry someone doesn't want to come close to being in one of my photos. I usually wait for the moment that I feel the least amount of eyes are on me. Or, a stiff drink helps:)

Kelly said...

Hmm yes perhaps a more stealth approach. Thanks Kate.

Brandee said...

Fantastic that you had the opportunity to check this place out. I've loved it from the first moment I walked by and peaked in it's doors! I've gone maybe half a dozen times and enjoyed each new time more than the previous.Delicate white anchovies gently laid over a poached tomato, the savory broth filling the bowl of clams and mussels, the portobello mushroom fries,Delicious!
Our downtown has so many beautiful buildings and I'm so happy with the renovation of this one. The stark white walls and skyscraper high ceilings took me on a brief trip to New York w/o the plane ride.

Kelly said...

It is true! Everyone likes to disregard Los Angele's downtown but I think it's quite lovely. And next time I'll have to eat there;)

Celia said...

so very honestly, what are your thoughts on this place for my LA baby shower??

Kelly said...

Do it! But knowing you... can you taste test the sweet treats before hand? Or send a trusted taster?

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