Monday, November 1, 2010

Dining with Friends


I normally conclude after a barrage of images but thought since I had a comment or two throughout I should at least introduce our host Virginia Breier. My dear friend Jorge invited us to a dinner last time he was in town (3 years ago) where we met Virginia a Grand Dame, with impeccable taste and a keenness for world travel. She really has an eye that I admire. We were (the Mister and I) invited again for dinner this time at Virginia's abode where she acquiesced to my request to photograph her place while I was there. She has until recently owned the gallery V. Breier Gallery on Sacramento Street. 


I loved that Virginia served us our soup in mugs before we sat down at the table. I'm definitely going to steel steal (sometimes you would think I didn't know the difference, I do but sometimes I miss them) this suave trickery  of hosting.


My absolute favorite piece in Virginia's place. I'm not sure who the artist is all I know is that he is from Portland.


I was quite smitten with the general too. And look at those enormous roladexes, I wonder what intriguing characters are to be found inside them. 


Bathroom photos, I had to add since they had such a different feel from the rest of the house. 


A couple shots of the pieces in the hallway. I couldn't resist showing you the MJ piece even though my lens has distorted it. 


We dined with many friends. 


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