Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last Stop-Korakia


Our final stop and where we stayed for the remainder of our time in Palm Springs was at the Korakia. Most people who inquired where we were staying in town either responded with "oh yea that place is great!" or "hmm never heard of it" Which is just a testament to the place not being overrun. And if you are staying here it is more of a reserved and quiet locale. I'll have to admit before we arrived I had my doubts. I wouldn't say I am too keen on the Moroccan aesthetic but it was really so well done. 

The rooms were filled with genuine antiques and each layout was original. The service was stellar from nearly every standpoint, uniform, breakfast, genuine friendliness and no interaction was stiff or overly formal. It was a small enough place that nearly the entire wedding party stayed here together, which was really quite delightful.We'll definitely be back.


Kate said...

Ah, I've loved your Palm Springs posts! Reeeeally want to visit someday.

K said...

Oh thanks Kate! Yes you definitely should. I was even a bit surprised how much I enjoyed it.

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