Tuesday, October 26, 2010

High-Waist it!


Kind of dying for a few new pairs of slacks but for now I'll be admiring these ensembles from afar. I couldn't be more overjoyed with the high waist direction. I've been cursed with a long torso and a curvy figure and these will do wonders of illusion not to mention all shirts will now be the right size. Since the low waist long torso makes every shirt a midriff... which I was never comfortable with, even in my teens. 

Also this week is a bit mad with to do's so postng may be sparse. Hopefully it is a week of good changes. I'll let you know when I know. xo

Top photo from Jean Sohn's closet visits
Bottom three... not sure. Sorry I didn't think I would be posting them. If you know pass along the knowledge.


Kate said...

Do you have a Zara near you? Because they have the BEST high-waist slacks. I own three pairs (kind of embarrassed to admit that...). They're around $60 and come in different fabrics and colors.

K said...

hmm interesting. Thanks for the tip. This could be dangerous.

Celia said...

god, i miss my waist.

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